How License Management Systems Can Benefit Your Business

02 Apr

A license management system is an important software tool utilized by end-users or large independent software vendors to manage where and how computer software applications can run. License management systems use a license key that is usually assigned by the product creator to indicate which user license is valid for a particular software program. Licenses are valid for a particular time period and can be renewed after the specified expiration date. This type of software provides the means for a license owner to make changes or update their licensing requirements on a regular basis. It allows users to renew their license without reinstalling the entire program. If you need help in getting a license management system, contact security weaver company.

License management can be very useful in the following circumstances: Asset Management - When companies purchase and offload assets, it's necessary to make sure that the right license is acquired and used for each asset. An asset management software system helps to track and manage the license for the software, accessories, sub-licenses and/or shared-service applications. The system can be integrated with billing and accounting systems to track and manage receivables. Asset management requires the ability to track the ownership of assets, which may be difficult if each user has his or her own license. The license management software generates reports on ownership that can be used for auditing purposes. The tool also permits users to track software and hardware that are being sold, leased, and/or disbursed.

Software License Management - Most companies experience a change in software usage habits, resulting in increased software license costs. It's vital to ensure that the right license is renewed for each individual program and associated accessories. Software license management helps to determine whether a new user is qualified for a specific program or whether a previously licensed accessory is available. The software usage management tools allow the creation and maintenance of a database that tracks software usage over time, allowing companies to determine software usage trends and renew appropriate licenses. This also enables asset management departments to more effectively manage current software usage.

Unused Software Licenses - When a company purchases software, it often incurs licensing fees for the product as well as associated components and/or upgrades. Software license management software helps to track and consolidate these fees, allowing companies to more efficiently utilize software licenses for future projects and reducing costs associated with exiting unused licenses. This also provides additional revenue opportunities for those companies that generate software but do not require the purchase of software licenses. This software can be used to track user activities, determining whether a license was successfully renewed, whether a license was previously unlicensed, and to monitor expired licenses.

Software License Monitoring - Companies sometimes experience spikes in usage that results in over-usage of licenses. In such cases, license management monitors unused software licenses to prevent over-usage and ensure that used software is properly terminated. Many software license management solutions provide the capability to track user activities for certain periods of time, allowing a company to identify trends related to license usage. Some solutions also allow for tracking of periodical usage patterns and alerts when usage spikes occur. This can prove to be an extremely valuable tool in managing software usage and reducing potential downtime for your business. Visit and ask about a management software for your firm.

These four primary benefits provide the most benefits to a company when it comes to its needs related to license management. The cost savings provided by license management systems result in a significant amount of savings for the company. The reduction in license renewal costs can save a company thousands of dollars per year. The ability to track user license activity can save the company a great deal of money by reducing unnecessary expenditures on software licenses. And the ability to consolidate unneeded licenses can help a company to effectively manage its license management needs and reduce licensing costs.

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